Monday, April 20, 2009

A new beginning

Today was a beautiful day: I finally felt (that queer, official feeling) that I'd embarked upon the next phase of my life.

And it's funny how unremarkable a day it was, really. It wasn't particularly sunny and gorgeous; on the contrary, the sky was slightly overcast and there was a damp chill in the air. I didn't have the day off from work, eat anything overly memorable, have any prophetic dreams. But I somehow awoke with a feeling of incipient goodness, promises of intellectual and personal nourishment afforded by graduate school, Philadelphia, a particular loved one nearer by than ever--and before all that, a glorious summer reading, being a yogi, and frequenting all the farmers' market stands I can find. (Oh, farmers' markets! I'm especially looking forward to those...)

I don't have too much for you tonight in terms of recipes and food-related anecdotes, but I do have a collection of photographs that, in looking back over the last month of travelling, showed me that while I mostly put culinary arts on the backburner, they were never too far from my mind. Enjoy.


  1. a new beginning -- what a sweet thing! lovely pictures, too!