Monday, February 9, 2009

Maple milk

For me, this month has been all about simple sustenance and sustainable simplicity.

Allow me to explain. I am, at the moment, awaiting graduate school decisions on my application. O, intolerable suspension! O awful anticipation! Call it what you will--I myself find it particularly Kafkaesque--it's driving me quite mad.

So while January might have been a month of fabulously complex and ambitious meals (i.e., fruit tart, beet and watercress salad, tuna ni├žoise platter), my February food attitude--fooditude?--is shaping up to be more calm, composed, full of clean lines and soothing flavors. Don't give me worrisome, finicky recipes that demand my full concern; give me collections of simple, nourishing gestures. Give me yogurt with brown sugar, honey roasted carrots, fish in foil by lamplight and the Big Chill soundtrack. Give me...

Give me maple milk.

Maple milk.
inspired by the Montague Book Mill (pictures below)
The epitome of simplicity and nourishment.
Equally enjoyable in a mug or a tall, clear glass.

glass of cool milk
pure maple syrup

Pour desired amount of syrup in the bottom of the glass. Fill with milk.
Stir. Enjoy.


  1. Comfort food is very important in times of stress.

    If I may ask, what are you studying?

  2. English, with an aim to enter a Ph.D. program. 'Tis the season of returns, and so I make my own turn to comfort food...

    ...and you're in law school, I take it. What year are you, and what areas are you interested in?

  3. I am a 2L, and I'm interested in never becoming a lawyer at all. :P